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For more than 35 years, ELFA SYSTEMES has been specialized in study, development  and implementation of ready to go industrial automation systems.

The experience gained from direct and close contact with our various customers allows us today to The experience gained from direct and close contact with our various customers allows us today to propose robust and easy to use products adapted to small and medium size enterprises needs.

Our strong flexibility allows us to provide detailed answers against customers requirements and implement desired solutions on both ergonomic and operational sides. Since 1981, our solutions are based on combination of the two most efficient control units : the micro-computer for data collection and user interface and the programmable controller for security fonctions and equipment control. Interaction between the two types of tools and information management offers accurate solutions apted to a wide range of needs.
- Warehouse management system (command of stacker-retriever) linked with global Information System.

- Support to wharehouse invoicing by real time inventory management system (barcod terminals, radio contact)

- Fleet of cars management software

- Maintenance management software (CMMS Clarisse)

- Modernization and automation of machine-tool

- Reception, sorting and counting of linen in industrial laundries

- Optimization of surface coating lines (modernization of old installations)

- Energy management

- Automation of concrete stations (production of products like ducts, borders, blocks…)

- Laser planimetry (continuous analysis of flat products and exploitation of the results)

- Command and control of brick kilns

- Programmation of growth chambers (temperature, hygrometry, lights, CO2 rates)

- Command of vacuum deposition equipments (evaporation and sputtering machines)
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