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La gestion de maintenance

For more than 30 years, ELFA SYSTEMES has been specialized in study, development  and implementation of ready to go industrial automation systems.

Our strong flexibility and the acquired experience during our contacts with varied customers allows us to propose reliable and easy to use products and to provide detailed answers against customers requirements and implement desired solutions on both ergonomic and operational sides.

Our solutions in the field of the automatism are based on combination of the two most efficient control units: the PC for data collection and user interface and the PLC for security fonctions and equipment control. Interaction between the two types of tools and information management offers accurate solutions apted to a wide range of needs.

In addition, ELFA SYSTEMES developed the software Clarisse CMMS: Since the single station application under DOS of 1991 until the current application in C/S under the last Windows systems, our Clarisse CMMS became a standard product, and its distribution an activity important for ELFA SYSTEMES.
- We kept the flexibility and the ease of personalization of our software.
- We setup the software.
- We train user teams.

computerised maintenance management system
You have decided to improve your equipment management?
You are convinced that your team can work more easily and more efficiently?
You don’t want to restrict your maintenance team activities to emergency breakdown service?
You are looking for flexibility and accuracy in your department activity?
You are ready to explore CLARISSE's solutions!

Discover that accurracy and organization
might rhyme with autonomy, initiative and flexibility!
A complete product at the lowest price: why would you pay a fortune for a standard product? From our basic offer through our largest offer it’s the same software, and all fonctions and facilities are included.

A quick and easy installation on any computer configured with Windows XP, Seven or 8.1, networked or not, without modifying your configuration and with possible upload of existing data.

A very simple use: no fixed data entry requirement for users; depending on the way you work, two clicks only are necessary to select and record a defined job. But, in case of special or unexpected job, it’s still possible to record all the additional information in the job report.

A customized training: you can learn Clarisse by yourself, or we can give you the benefit of our experience : audits, product presentation and installation in one-day sessions, full training sessions adapted to each level of responsibility, support line.

A standard customizable product: each user has its own habits, each department its needs, each company its constraints. You will be able to configure and customize Clarisse at various levels, from the appearance of the operator’s screens through interfaces with the database of the company, including processed fonctions and printed outputs.

A fast analysis: statistics allows very simple analysis of history : you will be able to build your selection of reports at your prefered format.
You want a software of complete CMMS?
Choose among more than 40 windows
those who allow to input all the details!
You want a software of simplified CMMS?
Choose among more than 40 windows
those who show only the main part!
No option to be added, everything is included in Clarisse

The version which you download
contains ALL the functions of Clarisse CMMS.
Instead of adding paying options to adapt a software of CMMS to your needs, the customization of Clarisse consists simply to mask the possibilities which have no interest for your use.

The Clarisse CMMS was thought for a simple installation: only one file to be downloaded and you have our assistance for the configuration.

Main functions

1. Objects to be maintained: the arborescence and the geographical organization, the detailed description of equipments, the graphic mode.

2. Definition of the possible interventions: curative, strategic, periodic according to the time or output, activated by the supervision, according to the evolution of meters.

3. Intervention's suggestions: Clarisse CMMS suggests actions by means of several methods:the emergency note, the emergency list and the schedule, the sending of email, the automatic procedures.

4. Data entries of meters: tours and manual data entries, automatic data capture on PLC or supervisor.

5. Exploitation of interventions's forecasts: forecast of stops and costs, needs in articles, needs in men, needs in skills.

6. Exploitation of historicals data: real costs and planned costs, used spare parts, hours by skills and worker.

7. Spare parts: inventor, suppliers, orders's forecasts.

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